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Wherever I May Roam

There is no law of physics that says just because we're connected, there has to be this schism between our physical lives and our digital lives.

— Astro Teller

I work and live full time in a Recreational Vehicle. When I'm not exploring the amazing sites and sounds America has to offer, I'm being a geek.

Technology is a huge part of my life and has been almost as long as the great outdoors, camping and fishing have been part of it as well. A Roaming Geek is the perfect fusion of those two lifestyles.

Mad Skills

From installation to management and securing against intrusion, A Roaming Geek has been working with WordPress since before it was known as WordPress.

Sometimes WordPress is overkill for a website's needs and goals and plain old HMTL and CSS will fit the bill. A Roaming Geek has been hand-coding when necessary for over 20 years.

Ruby is a programming language the powers many of the "big players on the internet" behind the scenes.

Scratch and blemish removal are just the surface of what A Roaming Geek can do with digital imagary.

Virus and malware removal. Home networking - computers, printers, phones, iDevices - you name it, A Roaming Geek can get them talking.


A Sampling of my work

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Our Services


Email and web hosting on A Roaming Geek's server powered by the cPanel -- the industry's most reliable, intuitive control panel with a first-class, rich feature set.


Hosting, installation, training and threat protection configuration. All our WordPress sites are optimized for speed, configured to use Content Distribution Networks and many other. WordPress doesn't have to be slow!

Digital Imaging,

A variety of digital image manipulation services, from scratch & blemish removal to more complex digital manipulations.

Branding & Social Media Integration

Your web presence is more than just a fancy website. You should also have a consistent look -- a brand, if you will -- across your social media as well.

RVer Tech

If you're on the road and we're in the same area, A Roaming Geek can help with computer maintenance (virus and malware cleanup, 'home' networking set up. If we're not in the same area, I can still work with you on your website and hosting, social media or any other technical needs that don't necessarily require us to be "in the same room".

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Current Headquarters:
Las Cruces, NM